Transforming Metal into Masterpieces in Lansing, Ann Arbor, Mid & Southern Michigan

Ironworx specializes in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones with top-quality metal products. Where aesthetics meets durability with a high-quality finish our custom signage and wall decor is everything you were looking for. Tailored to your vision to help your business brand stand out or catch the eye of family and friends our wall décor and signs adds a touch of luxury to your spaces. 

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Bars & Kitchens

From Ford’s Garage to Buddy’s Pizza let Ironwrox upgrade your bar or kitchen. Our bar tops, kitchen hood fans, and stainless-steel fixtures add a touch of elegance to any commercial or residential kitchen.


Beautifying Outdoor Spaces

Ironworx craftsmanship extends to the outdoors with the design, build and installation of walking bridges over ponds or rivers, pergolas, gazebos, metal benches, driveway gates, pool fences and more. Our firepits, grills, privacy walls and trellises can transform your garden into a beautiful and highly functional retreat.

Custom Signs Make a Statement

We also specialize in crafting custom signs that make a statement. Whether you need metal coating, signage and art for your commercial property or want to add a personal touch to the front gate of your home, our custom signs will creative that visual appeal for any space.

Sandblast & Powder Coat for a Premium Finish

For a superior finish providing enduring beauty, powder coating takes custom metalwork to new heights. Employing a unique process using heat-treated, powder-based paint, the result is a remarkably smooth, tough finish that not only enhances visual appeal but significantly boosts the durability. 

Powder Coating Benefits

Transform Your Spaces with Metal Signage and Art

We’re passionate about finishing touches that transform simple metal components into durable and functional art pieces. From structural and functional commercial kitchen components to beautiful and arresting wall décor, contact us to see how our exceptional metal signage and art can transform any space. 

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