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Ironworx deeply understands the foundational role structural metal building components play in construction projects. We specialize in crafting incredibly strong metal beams, posts, railings, staircases and more, providing the structural backbone that ensures the strength and durability of your building. Ironworx provides a multitude of structural steel support for your projects. We have constructed structural steel for Starbucks, Panera Bread, Panda Express, Buddys Pizza and Fords Garage restaurants. We pride ourselves on high quality work with unmatched timing. From custom metal buildings and storage facilities to multi-level restuarants, no job is too big or too small. We also aid in residential steel i-beams with unmatched pricing. Certified in 3G AWS vertical structural welding.

Best Structural Metal Building Components │ Ironworx in Lansing MI

Strong & Economical Metal Posts & Beams

We specialize in custom metal post and beam fabrication for any commercial construction project. Our custom metal solutions offer greater strength than timber, enabling larger, more open interior spaces. All work is done in-house for faster fulfillment, fewer material needs, and lower labor cost, saving you money.

Onsite welding

Ironworx has a fully mobile welding division. From small equipment repairs to dumpster gates and structural, our team can support your project by providing all forms of welding outside of our four walls. We have the capability to weld aluminum, stainless and carbon steel at your jobsite or home.

Commercial Staircases

Commercial staircases are customed to meet customer space requirements as well as commercial code.  Below are some options we provide.

  • Bar grading
  • Treads
  • Expanded metal, raised
  • Steel pan for concrete
  • Grip strut

Railing - Commercial

Commerical railing options:

  • Round guard rail 
  • Stair rail
  • Handicap ramps (ADA compliant)
  • Custom design
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Stainless Sheet Metal

Ironworx has a full sheet metal shop providing a multitude of stainless sheet metal products. With capacity to cut, bend, form up to 10′ in length, Ironworx has the ability to meet all commercial kitchen needs. Sinks, countertops, bar tops, trim and backsplashes are only some of the components we can provide. We fully tig weld all pieces and polished to desired finish.

Compliance with Safety Standards

Safety and adherence to building codes are paramount at Ironworx. Every beam, post, railing, staircase or other structural component we fabricate complies with industry standards, providing confidence in the structural integrity of your project.

Structural Metal Building Components For Longevity

Ironworx is dedicated to building strong, enduring structural components that stand the test of time. Our attention to detail, commitment to safety, and dedication to delivering only the highest-quality structural metal building components set us apart in the industry. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more, or contact us to start a conversation about what structural metalwork we can provide for your construction project.

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